A regulatory reporting solution to implement OeNB regulations

The Austrian regulatory landscape underwent a radical change. The system for reporting financial data to the Austrian Central Bank, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), was restructured to reflect higher demands on data quality and quantity. The OeNB prescribed the Smart Cube system to uphold data quality and standardize the data for reporting.

Wolters Kluwer’s OneSumX Smart Cubes solution uses the SVENSON platform. It has the Smart Cube functionality, and the necessary checks and analysis options so you can implement the new OeNB regulations in a clear and transparent way. Comprehensive auditing also enables drill-back from data in OLAP reports to the underlying data. Plus an interface with the SVENSON AccountPool can be fully reused for existing customers.

Help future-proof your reporting infrastructure by applying the core Austrian Smart Cube approach throughout your organization. Provide agility in responding to unpredictable future change via regulatory data consolidated in one place.

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Limit exposure to regulatory change
Our Regulatory Update Service (RUS) helps you limit exposure to regulatory change. This includes updates to data requirements and out-of-the-box business logic.

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Deep subject-matter expertise
Gain deep subject-matter expertise and consulting services pre and post implementation. Provides an overview of regulatory changes, deadlines and impact on your business.

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Full compliance
Comply in full with the guidelines of the Austrian National Bank, the Financial Markets Authority, the deposit protection fund for banks and bankers and the Austrian Insurance Association.

What are Smart Cubes?

Smart Cubes are multidimensional ‘data cubes’, a concept that will increasingly replace parts of classic forms and reports.

To produce these Smart Cubes, data regarding individual transactions needs to be readily available, as well as enriched data. All data required for the production of Smart Cubes are summarized in a ‘Basic Cube’. This Basic Cube is a set of tables with all the necessary basic data.

OneSumX Smart Cubes solution, powered by the SVENSON reporting system, provides a Basic Cube view that shows all relevant reporting data. It can be updated at the level of individual transactions before they are enriched and transferred to Smart Cubes.

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