An integrated Basel solution

OneSumX for Basel solution covers standardized and advanced approaches across all bank sizes and risk types - from credit to market risk, through to operational, settlement, credit valuation adjustment, and counterparty credit risk. Not only can our technology and expertise ensure you are compliant with Basel II, Basel III reforms, UK Basel 3.1 standards, EU CRR3 and Basel IV implementation & reporting timelines, but your teams can make timely, informed decisions to manage risk more effectively, and optimize revenues.

One-stop shop for Basel compliance

A single solution combining data, calculations and reporting. It covers all standardized approaches across all risk types and all bank sizes. This is in line with requirements around proportionality.

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Scalable solution

Support compliance with all Basel regulations, irrespective of the bank size or method chosen.

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Saves time

Automate and speed up your prudential risk reporting by using a single solution across all entities. Save time on projects and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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Improves accuracy

Use Exact Regulatory Metrics (not proxies) in business projection scenarios and for deal decision-making.

Basel IV video
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Learn more about OneSumX for Basel IV
We understand that the complexity of meeting internal and regulatory requirement deadlines can be overwhelming. In this video, we provide an overview of OneSumX for Basel IV, and how it can help you overcome these challenges.
Integrating Pillars 1, 2 and 3: A Better Way to Basel IV
Integrating Pillars 1, 2 and 3: A better way to Basel IV
In our latest whitepaper, we examine the challenges, geographical variations, and implementation status of Basel IV, and discover how an integrated, data-driven approach allows banks to future proof operations whilst achieving Basel compliance.

What is Basel framework and how to comply

The Basel regulatory framework helps banks meet goals beyond regulatory compliance. To comply, banks are being called on to examine risk in creative and demanding ways that forces them to rethink their strategies and business models. This ultimately allows them to enhance growth, competitiveness and profitability - if they manage their organizations and their data well.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has set January 1, 2023 as a global deadline for “Basel IV”. However the local jurisdictions define the actual implementation deadlines, possibly in a phased approach. A notable example is the European Commission that has pushed the CRR3 effective date until January 1, 2025 (pending approval of the EU parliament). Most recently, Bank of England’s Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) has delayed the Basel 3.1 implementation to July 01, 2025.

Please contact us for the status of your local Basel requirements – Basel II, Basel III, Basel 3.1 and Basel IV.

Avoid common pitfalls and discover the best path for adopting a holistic approach to risk management. Download our free Basel IV checklists to learn more:

APAC checklist download
EMEA checklist download
AMERICAS checklist download

Challenges of Basel IV

We understand the common challenges and demands you’re up against. OneSumX for Basel can be tailored to help meet your needs.

Creating traceable and transparent lineage

Need to source more granular data and deal with more calculation trials. Increased demands on external and internal reporting.

Data governance

A demand for the use of the same data across risk types. Daily monitoring and enforcing of requirements throughout the process flow, not just at the end.

Technological challenges

Need a robust platform to monitor and track regulatory change with auditability and data lineage functions.

Cross-departmental demands

These Basel requirements impact teams across the business. Our integrated solution can help.


Need to collect a higher volume and variety of data to apply required calculations.


Need to project Basel constraints under stress and BAU scenarios for business optimization, ICAAP and ILAAP.


Need to take Basel constraints into account to produce capital planning that respects regulatory demands

Why choose OneSumX for Basel?

Here are just some of the unique attributes our Basel solution offers:

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Unified data
Single source of consistent data for full Basel management.

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Prudential consolidation
Combine all your entities data according to the specific rules of prudential consolidation

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Basel calculations
Full set of Basel regulation prescribed methods integrated and consistent

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Basel reporting
Reports to the regulator and public disclosures.

OneSumX for Basel solution features

OneSumX for Basel takes an integrated approach across multiple disciplines. It facilitates the balancing act of managing risk, meeting regulatory requirements and optimizing profitability. Designed to be the solution that meets the vital twin objectives of making a bank a better business and a more compliant one.

Here are some of the features of OneSumX for Basel that will help your teams manage the massive regulatory initiative:

  • Data management

    • Data is validated, consistent and complete across all risk types
    • Transform data into the different finance, risk and regulatory vocabularies used within your firm
    • Save time and eliminate the need for manual adjustments and reconciliation. Keep all quality data in one location.
  • Cash flow and exposure analysis

    • Calculate contractual and stressed cash flows on a granular level for use in conventional analysis and in simulations. And adjust for credit, market, behavioral and idiosyncratic assumptions
    • Use our exposure analysis feature to manage the risk portfolio
    • Explore analysis such as repricing gap, fire-sale exposures, volatility exposure and duration.
  • Financial risk analysis

    • Sensitivity analysis: Calculate delta, vega and curvature risk factors used as inputs for wider market risk calculations.
    • Credit valuation adjustment (CVA): based on approaches proposed by the Basel framework.
    • VaR: market VaR calculation through variance covariance (parametric); non-parametric; or Monte Carlo simulation.
    • Asset and liability management (ALM): easy-to-use modeling of the future balance sheet.
  • Regulatory calculators

    • Risk and finance integration – Our risk management and reporting platform includes integrated and auditable data that is stored and processed in the data layer.
    • Stress testing – flexibly set inputs for all stress testing frameworks, including reverse stress testing. Optimize your balance sheet and get compliance costs under control. Plus our solution covers:
    • Prudential consolidation
    • Credit risk
    • Market risk
    • Counterparty credit risk
    • CVA risk
    • Operational risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Large exposures
    • Leverage ratio
    • Interest rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB)
    • Pillar III disclosures
    • Regulatory reporting
Basel IV Infographic card
Basel III vs Basel IV
Check out our infographic that breaks down 11 different areas in your journey to Basel IV compliance and compares each to the guidelines for Basel III so you can understand the key differences, and how OneSumX for Basel IV can help.
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