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Ensure Basel IV Compliance
A modular solution that combines data, calculations and reporting can make a tangible difference in efficiency and effectiveness. This is especially true if your solution covers advanced approaches across all bank sizes and risk types, from credit to market risk, through operational, settlement, credit valuation adjustment, and counterparty credit risk.

Whether you want to comply with an immediate regulatory requirement or benefit from a regulatory compliance solution that can help you run your business more effectively, the OneSumX for Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting suite can help.
How can our OneSumX for Finance, Risk & Reporting solution portfolio help you with your Basel IV needs? Discover all the benefits at your fingertips by watching our video series with Xavier Dubois.

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Extract Business Value from Basel IV
Is Basel IV The Opportunity To Start Projecting Exact Regulatory Metrics?
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Calculating regulatory metrics (i.e. RWA, LCR) is an inevitable part of Basel IV compliance. However, could required regulatory metrics, measured along future scenarios, help inform more strategic business decision-making?

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Optimize your business strategy by factoring in both the business and regulatory impact of Basel IV
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Exact Regulatory Metrics

Ensure a more accurate picture of your business by using exact regulatory metrics rather than proxies
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Risk Management

Leverage regulatory metrics projections for operational risk management, stress testing and much more
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Business & Strategy

Gain an accurate assessment of the business continuity and adjust your strategy accordingly
To discover how our OneSumX solution portfolio can help you with Basel IV compliance and beyond, watch the ‘Basel IV: regulatory uncertainty — an opportunity to prepare’ webinar recording.

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Basel IV - a Cost Effective Approach for Groups
Manage the Basel IV compliance of the entire group: data, prudential consolidation as well as regulatory calculations and reporting for each entity and consolidation circle from one single application.

Whether you want to fix an immediate priority - Basel IV compliance - or future-proof your choice with a regulatory compliance solution that can help you run your business more effectively, we can help.

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Implement a single solution across all entities, accelerating projects and reducing the cost of maintenance
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Quality, Consistency & Control

By automating and controlling Basel IV metrics calculation across different entities
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Automate and speed up your prudential risk reporting.
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Added Benefits

Offers all benefits that come with the Basel IV for Compliance solution
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