Lexicomp is designed to support pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, nurses and advance practice nurses, dentists, and students in all care settings—whether at inpatient or outpatient facilities, during post-care treatment, at retail pharmacies, or through pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our focus on speed and safety at the point of care for these various settings means that you and your teams can quickly get the drug information and drug interactions answers you need, when you and your patients need them.

Solutions for individuals, groups, pharmacies, and health systems


Lexicomp is an industry leader in dental-specific content that cannot be found in the majority of other resources. We offer a vast array of products for any size dental practice, as well as ePrescribe solutions developed for dentists.

Lexicomp For Dentistry

Hospitals and health systems

Lexicomp is the drug reference solution of choice in thousands of hospitals and health systems around the world. Pharmacists, nurses, and prescribers use Lexicomp at every step of patient care.

Lexicomp For Hospitals

Individual pharmacists, physicians, and other medical professionals

Lexicomp offers actionable drug referential information in a variety of packages for clinicians. Explore our store to find the print, online, or mobile products right for you.

Lexicomp For Individuals

Medical academic institutions

Using Lexicomp during their studies will position pharmacy students for success in any practice setting. Nursing, medical, and dental students also enrich their learning about the safe use of medications.

Lexicomp For Academia

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Lexicomp provides medication information and clinical decision support tools to support healthcare business processes and research. Utilize the same information as practitioners for care alignment.

Lexicomp For Pharma

Retail pharmacy

Lexicomp provides medication information, patient education, and clinical decision support tools to help meet the needs of inpatient, outpatient, specialty, and mail-order pharmacies. 

Lexicomp For Health Businesses
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