The Drug Reports tool uses disease or symptom search terms to generate a drug report based on the user’s selected criteria. The tool allows you to create reports using one or a combination of the following attributes: Drugs indicated or not indicated for a specified condition, drugs contraindicated or not contraindicated for a specified condition, and/or drugs that may or may not cause a specified adverse reaction.

To create a report, select a search parameter as found in the blue bar drop-down menu under “Drug Reports.” Once the parameter is selected, the tool will open up with “May cause,” “Are indicated,” or “Are contraindicated” already selected, depending on the chosen parameter. You can change the parameter to the opposite version (“May not cause,” etc.) by selecting the respective button.

After selecting the desired criteria, enter the disease/condition for which you wish to search. As you type, search terms will start to appear in the drop-down box. Click on the term or the Add button to add it to the “Selected Items” panel under the respective search criteria.

After Analyze is clicked, a second tab, labeled “Results,” will appear, displaying the titles of drug monographs that meet your search criteria. The search parameters are displayed at the top of the page. Each monograph title is a link to the monograph page in Facts and Comparisons eAnswers.

When you click on a monograph link, a third tab opens and displays the monograph information.

To return to the search results, click on the Results tab. To change the search parameters, click on the Search tab. Use the Clear button to clear the results and begin a new search.

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