Lexicomp and Facts and Comparisons are the preferred drug referential solutions for clinicians across disciplines and care settings.

Our evidence-based content with actionable recommendations provides clinicians with support throughout the patient care continuum. We are continuously working to advance our existing content, develop new content, and advance our technology to align with the needs of clinicians working in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Learn more about how we help clinicians drive down care variability with our drug decision support, formulary management solutions, patient education, and much more.

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Drug decision support

Drug referential content designed to support clinicians in making appropriate and confident prescribing, dosing, and administering decisions.

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Patient education

Patient education solutions from Wolters Kluwer support your patients throughout their care continuum and encourage medication and treatment adherence.

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Formulary management

Formulary management and adherence are challenging. Lexicomp can help with customized, workflow-integrated solutions that facilitate communication.

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ePrescribe solutions for dentists

Lexicomp dental and ePrescribe solutions provide knowledge resources and interactive tools developed specifically for dental professionals.

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