Dated Effective: September 24, 2018

Support Services Addendum

This Support Services Addendum (“Addendum”) is made a part of and pursuant to that certain Agreement which includes the eOriginal Master Terms and Conditions Agreement (the “Agreement”) in which it is referenced. This Addendum describes the Helpdesk Services available as part of Support Services. Unless otherwise defined in this Addendum, capitalized terms will have the meaning assigned to them in the Agreement.

Helpdesk Services

The Helpdesk is available to Technical Contacts of the Platform Services. The Helpdesk may be contacted on a 24×7 basis by telephone, 866-364-3578 (866-eO-Help-U), or email, [email protected]. Critical Issues must be reported via telephone by a Technical Contact in order for Critical Issue Response Times to apply. The following information must be provided with all Helpdesk requests:

  • Customer account name
  • Customer contact name
  • Customer contact call-back number and email address
  • Type of request (question, account update, Issue)
  • Environment to which request pertains
  • Organization/vault name to which request pertains
  • If Issue, criticality of Issue (Critical or Non-Critical) and (if applicable) reason for Critical Issue classification (see definitions below)
  • Description of request
    • If Issue, include details of how Issue was encountered as well as any error messages received

Response Times

The Helpdesk will respond to a request reported by Customer (a “Report”) based on the criticality of request reported and the time the Report was received:

Response Critical Issue Non-Critical Request

Support Hours After Hours Support Hours After Hours
Acknowledgement Within 15 minutes of receipt of Report Within 15 minutes of receipt of Report Within 15 minutes of receipt of Report Within 15 minutes of receipt of Report
Assignment Report + 1 hours Report + 2 hours Report + 6 Support Hours Report + 6 Support Hours
Initial Update Report + 4 hours Report + 4 hours Report + 2 Support Days Report + 2 Support Days


“Support Day” means a collective thirteen (13) Support Hours.

“Critical Issue” means a currently occurring error or failure of the operation or performance of any functionality of the Platform Services which results or is substantially likely to result in one or more of the following to Customer in the Production environment:

  • Significant financial impact;
  • Perceived significant reputational impact;
  • Violation of regulatory requirement; or
  • Potential financial or other penalties.

“Issue” means an error or failure of the operation or performance of any functionality of the Platform Services.

“Non-Critical Issue” means any Issue that either 1) does not occur in the Production environment or 2) does not incur one of the four Critical Issue criteria noted in the Critical Issue definition.

“Non-Critical Request” means any request that is not a Critical Issue.

“Response” means eOriginal’s email or verbal confirmation of action taken on Customer’s Report and includes the following Response Types:

  • “Acknowledgement” means eOriginal’s Response that the Report has been received and assigned a unique case number.
  • “Assignment” means initial Triage has completed and an eOriginal resource has begun work on the Report.
  • Initial Update. “Initial Update” means eOriginal’s first technical Response to the Report regarding status of bringing the Report to closure.

“Support Hours” means the hours of 8:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding eOriginal-recognized holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day).

“After Hours” means any time other than during Support Hours.

“Triage” means eOriginal’s initial Report review to validate the request information and direct the request to the appropriate eOriginal resource for further processing.

Technical Contacts

Helpdesk Services are provided to those Customer employees or Personnel identified by Customer as its Technical Contacts. eOriginal is expressly authorized by Customer to rely upon any and all instructions, whether in written, electronic or oral form, given by any of Customer’s Technical Contacts. eOriginal does not provide Support Services directly to Authorized Users other than Customer’s Technical Contacts. All Authorized User requests for support or inquiries regarding use of the Platform Services shall be addressed by Customer. Should Customer need eOriginal assistance to respond to such inquiries, Customer’s Technical Contact(s) may contact the eOriginal Helpdesk.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer must fulfill its responsibilities below to ensure that Issues with the Platform Services receive the support Response Times appropriate to the nature and severity of the Report:

  • Customer is responsible to provide eOriginal with contact information for its Technical Contact(s) and escalation contacts, including name, telephone number and email address. Customer is responsible for providing updates regarding Technical Contact(s) on an on-going basis, including third-party resources who act as Customer Technical Contact(s).
  • Customer must provide eOriginal with contact information, including name and email address, for all individuals other than Licensee’s Technical Contact(s) to receive notice of maintenance of the Platform Service.
  • Customer and its Technical Contacts must be available to participate in Triage and must provide all necessary cooperation and information as requested by eOriginal for purposes of Report identification, verification, and resolution.
  • Customer and all Technical Contacts must follow all Issue escalation procedures as directed by eOriginal.
  • Customer Technical Contact(s) is/are the appropriate person(s) to contact eOriginal for Support Services. If any other representative of Customer contacts eOriginal seeking support, eOriginal will bill the reported Issue at eOriginal’s Professional Services rates.
  • The Technical Contact(s) must contact the Helpdesk during the time period appropriate to the type of Issue sought to be addressed. If Customer emails eOriginal regarding any Critical Issue, eOriginal will not be able to initially provide the Response Times appropriate to that issue.

Helpdesk Services Limitations

The following limitations apply to the Helpdesk Services and Response Times:

  • eOriginal is not responsible for delays, or other acts or omissions, of eOriginal integration partners. eOriginal will provide notices of any such delays, acts or omissions, and the impact of such on eOriginal Response Times.
  • At any time, Customer may elect to postpone the Response Times and the provision of Helpdesk Services for a particular Issue, and/or may elect to downgrade an Issue from a Critical Issue to a Non-Critical Issue. eOriginal will provide the Helpdesk Services as so directed by Customer.
  • Customer’s failure to be available or to provide requested information during Triage will result in Customer’s Issue remaining in the Triage stage until Customer responds and the information is provided.
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