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The rapid digitization of banking and financial services is creating greater pressure on the industry to adopt connected technologies across its business lines. In addition to the well-known benefits of improved customer engagement, the digitization of banking processes contributes to increased and enhanced security, auditability and compliance.

Banks - from large institutions to community banks and credit unions—are discovering the importance of a full digitization of processes and realizing it needs to build from the ground up. To do this correctly, banks need to look beyond eSignature and legacy programs and select trusted services that meets their various needs. That is why the majority of top U.S. banks trust eOriginal to help digitally transformed their institutions.

Working with leading eSignature providers or its own SmartSign® software to improve customer experience, eOriginal’s eAsset® Management solution provides banks with certainty in their digital transactions, while speeding transactions and increasing transparency for all parties.

eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Solution allows banking leaders to accept and store electronically-signed documents, and enable fully-electronic securitization trusts and similar transactions. Top financial institutions have also moved their loan custodial services fully digital: accepting digital documents; securely maintaining and storing the signed documents within an electronic vault; and overseeing transferable record services.

Using digital tamper seals and the most detailed audit trail and reporting functionalities available in the marketplace, our solution guarantees the authenticity of the original document by maintaining its integrity throughout the documents’ entire lifecycle.

  • Manage loans through pledging and collateralization.
  • Eliminate costly paper printing, overnight shipping, faxing, mailing and filing.
  • Ensure confidentiality, security and authentication for any document or record.
  • Offer Provide services to digital assets, including the ability to securely store, maintain and manage financial assets.
  • Eliminate missing signatures and incomplete documents.
  • Rapidly integrate digital signatures within an existing customer facing website or portal.
  • Join the growing ecosystem of banks, originators, lenders, investors, funders and other key decision makers that trust eOriginal.

“The securitization process has always required significant documentation, so digitization creates an opportunity for issuers to increase efficiency and reduce costs”

Bryan Calder

President of U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services

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