The most trusted eVault solution for warehouse lenders, custodians, servicers and investors

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The most trusted eVault solution for warehouse lenders, custodians, servicers and investors - eAsset Management for Mortgage delivers Digital Asset Certainty, the assurance that digital loans meet and maintain the highest level of legal enforceability and compliance.

eOriginal provides a digital mortgage platform that allows originators and their partners in the secondary market to realize scale that they never thought was possible, turning the desire for eMortgage benefits into reality. Our solution includes:

  • On-demand “zero-footprint” signing solution
  • Approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and MERS
  • Robust API for deep system integration
  • Trusted by the financial services industry

Manage interactions between all parties in the loan process in a thorough and auditable manner to reduce risk for lenders.

  • Provide visibility, security and auditability to assure proof and verification of the final disposition of documents.
  • Manage the assets as transferable records within the secondary market.
  • Join the growing ecosystem of banks, originators, lenders, investors, funders, and other key decision makers that trust eOriginal.
  • Complete digital asset certainty, meeting all Safe Harbor requirements and enabling legal enforceability under UETA, ESIGN and UCC 9-105
  • Accelerated capital efficiency and reduced dwell times with swift secondary market delivery of eNotes
  • Increased liquidity with the largest ecosystem of secondary market counterparties including warehouse lenders, custodians, servicers and investors
  • Solution extensibility and automated digital asset management enabled by flexible enterprise APIs

“The increasing adoption of technologies to facilitate secure, streamlined and contactless online mortgage transactions we’ve seen over the past several years has accelerated exponentially during the Covid pandemic, and this meteoric trajectory promises to continue as mortgage lending institutions experience the benefits that greater transaction speed, accuracy and transparency of financial technologies are bringing to their businesses, much to the delight of their customers,”

Steve Meirink,
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Compliance Solutions, Wolters Kluwer

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