An eVault solution to minimize risk and maximize compliant-first market liquidity

Whether organizations are just starting their digital journey or ready for the next phase of their digital transformation, eVault technology can help them optimize processes, deliver better customer experiences and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly digitized marketplace. eOriginal’s eAsset® Management is the industry’s leading purpose-built solution delivering Digital Asset Certainty, the assurance that digital loans are created, stored and assigned in full accordance with all compliance standards for the industry, and maintaining the highest level of legal enforceability throughout a digital loan’s lifecycle.

eOriginal’s Solution

eAsset® Management enables lenders, investors and their partners to create, manage and monetize their digital loan assets. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, financial institutions face growing compliance requirements for assets associated with commercial and mortgage loans. Digital solutions deliver more cost and time savings for asset storage and management. With 750+ customers, eOriginal’s unparalleled ecosystem enables frictionless. secure and trusted transactions, enabling speed and capital efficiency.

eAsset® Management includes:
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Secure eVault

Enable secure, trusted creation and management of the authentic-original digital contracts

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eAsset Certainty® with Tampersealing, Encryption and End-to-end Audit Trails

Track every action on a loan digitally as a digital chain of custody and evidence

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Granular Access Control

Manage and customize for your specific needs

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Paper In® Import

Paper signing when electronic signing is not an option

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Paper Out® Export

Convert assets from electronic format to a legally-compliant and enforceable paper documents

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Certified Print® Evidentiary Package

State and federal evidentiary rules are applied to the creation and printing of certified Digital Original® or Authoritative Copy documents

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Robust API

Seamless integration with third-party applications

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Systematic Notifications

Pass messages to trigger updates within your internal applications,


The eOriginal eVault, which ensures digital loans remain negotiable and transferable, is the trusted digital vault for the largest buyers and insurer of asset-backed securities in the U.S. The purpose of the eVault is to reliably establish the person or entity to whom the single, authoritative copy of the digital loan is assigned, issued or transferred. The eVault provides a secure environment that ensures the digital loan remains negotiable and transferable.

With this immutable digital record, financial institutions can pledge, sell, and securitize digital assets with full compliance and maximum return of investment. The eVault affords the necessary protection to securely manage the electronically originated documents and assets. Issuers, legal counsel and rating agencies that support secondary-market transactions have accepted eVault solutions as meeting securitization requirements.

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