Managing Acuity and Member Experience in a Digital Age

Your team spends a lot of time supporting members in their preventive care and chronic disease management. And while this is a critical part of a care management strategy, there are other considerations. Can you be more dynamic and efficient with the right tools? Can you offer members a modern, yet empathetic digital experience?

Yes. And we want to be that virtual member of your care management team.

Emmi offers a fresh approach by creating seamless digital experiences with thoughtfully designed patient engagement tools. You can motivate member compliance with preventive care recommendations, promote self-management in rising risk and high-risk cohorts and configure acuity-based journeys to alert care management teams of escalating needs. 

Know Your Members

You can’t improve the health of a population if you don’t know who they are both as individuals and sub-groups. That’s why analytics and risk stratification are such a foundational part of your approach.

  • Healthy people need support to stay healthy.
  • Those with chronic conditions need guidance to avoid a setback.
  • And those heading toward an acute event need the information and tools to change paths.

Emmi helps you take the following steps:

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A comprehensive population health strategy is one that:


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Fosters Shared Decision Making

Patient preference matters. But, helping people understand their options in an unbiased way is time-consuming and complex. Align clinical decisions with patient values to improve outcomes, satisfaction and loyalty.

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Improves Quality Metrics

Your reimbursement depends on your ability to target specific quality goals, HEDIS metrics and Medicare Star Ratings. Collecting patient data, connecting people to resources and reducing cancellations is key.

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Enhances Care Management Effectiveness

Managing cost and responding to changing acuities is a difficult balance to strike. Patient Engagement can help patients self-manage and provide early warning signs for higher intensity interventions.

[A care manager] sent this to me and helped me find a doctor within my network. I never knew these services were available. Blue Cross Blue Shield is no longer just a card in my purse
-HCSC Member


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Watch Video
Hear Priority Health discuss how Emmi reaches patients in ways that are meaningful to them, resulting in changed patient behaviors and saved staff time.

As a health plan, it’s critically important to us that we engage our members in ways that are meaningful to them. What we’re really trying to do is ensure that patients have the information that they need to be informed decision makers. Emmi provides us with a user-friendly tool that patients and their families can use any time, anywhere to help them make those decisions.

- John Fox, MD, MHA
Priority Health, Associate VP of Medical Affairs