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Building future-ready care management programs for your members

While creating a “future-ready” care management program might include technology, many healthcare payers are focusing in an additional direction: their member experience and relationships. Health plan leaders know that building strong relationships with members can influence healthier behavior, close care gaps, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Establishing and supporting member trust is critical to these relationships. Trust is at the core of effective care management and is earned through the right balance of a personalized approach, timely communication, and credible, actionable health information. Learn more in our whitepaper, “Re-establishing trust in medical information.”

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Deliver personalized experiences at scale

Healthcare payers benefit from solutions that increase member engagement while simplifying care management processes.


Integrate payer care management solutions into existing workflows

Our interactive engagement, outreach, and education solutions are proven to improve health plan member outcomes and optimize payer care management efficiencies.


Smart care management
made easier

Our solutions offer options for personalizing member experiences with proven outcomes in health decisions, optimized costs, and improved care management.

The Emmi difference

Emmi® provides trusted, evidence-based member health education and interactive multimedia solutions that help payers deliver more effective and personalized care management at scale.

Putting a spotlight on health equity

The importance of advancing health equity has never been clearer. While healthcare payers have been building plans for years, adjustments to rating and reimbursement models are accelerating changes throughout the healthcare industry.

Wolters Kluwer is committed to supporting our payer customers through this health equity evolution. Explore some of our Expert Insights highlighting the member experience your populations are looking for, and how we can support your efforts.

As a health plan, it’s critically important to us that we engage members in ways that are meaningful to them. What we’re really trying to do is ensure that patients have the information that they need to be informed decision-makers. Emmi provides us with a user-friendly tool that patients and their families can use anytime, anywhere to help them make those decisions.
Associate VP of Medical Affairs, large health plan

When members look to you for healthcare guidance, how will you respond?

Customer and member experiences are rapidly changing. How are you keeping pace and delivering what your members want and need from their health plan?

Surveys show that 8 out 10 Americans still have questions after their healthcare visits and would welcome more educational materials relevant to their care. That's why today's payers and health plans are focused on how to be more effective in their outreach and help members feel more comfortable and confident in their care options. Emmi member engagement solutions are aligned with UpToDate® and give your teams the tools to support more impactful and personalized member experiences. With Emmi your teams can:

  • Provide effective guidance that has been proven to influence healthier behavior: One study1 showed a 4.3% readmission reduction in Medicare members who engaged with Emmi programs.
  • Increase trust and loyalty in your plan with personalized educational experiences tailored to best fit each member’s needs.
  • Establish a strong foundation of member satisfaction with easily accessible health content that directly impacts their peace of mind and your utilization levels.
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Personalized care management is possible with the right resources
Enable your care management team to cost-effectively extend their reach and amplify their impact on member health outcomes.

Of Emmi members...

Reported they would take a new action in managing their health.

  1. Emmi survey of 2,271 members in 2021

Reported that Emmi improved their opinion of the providing organization.

  1. Emmi survey of 3,024 members in 2021

Feel that Emmi answered questions without having to call PCP.

  1. Emmi survey of 1,936 members in 2021
“I will implement my plan at a faster rate. The Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) support programs have provided additional information on what I can do as someone who is in trouble. It provides empowering information.”

– Health plan member
Personalized and scalable care management can earn the trust of more members.
Learn how trust strengthens member connection and your bottom line with our “Re-establishing Trust in Medical Information” whitepaper.
  1. Wolters Kluwer. Review of University of Alabama Birmingham Medicine patient data from September 2015 to June 2018.
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