Increased patient engagement through partnership and leading solutions

Partnering with patients to optimize care goes beyond engagement that strictly focuses on transactional touches and passive tracking.

Whether it's managing a large patient population or adapting to new value-based care models, patient optimization means equipping patients with the information and support they need to become active partners in decision-making that impacts their health and care.

With Emmi, your patients will feel more in control of their health. Our system will help to nurture and reinforce healthy behaviors that align with clinical care plans through trusted, consistent, and compassionate communication.

Critical ingredients to a patient journey

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Personalized Care Pathways

With a blend of human-centered design and behavioral science, Emmi's AI-driven solutions are tailored to meet, empower, and engage patients where, when, and how they prefer across all points of their care journey.

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Trustworthy Content

In an age of misinformation, patients can't afford the time to decipher mixed messages. As the patient-facing extension of UpToDate, Emmi delivers unrivaled content that you can trust to extend compassionate, evidence-based care plans.

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Tangible Patient Outcomes

After more than 35 million patient engagements, Emmi is proven to activate patient participation in the care process, leading to better outcomes, greater efficiencies, fewer readmissions, and to help clients achieve their health goals.

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Clinical effectiveness solutions work together to deliver results

While Emmi’s content is award-winning and has delivered powerful results on its own, it is also part of an ecosystem that can help you align decision-making across entire care teams. See how the combination of clinical effectiveness solutions work together across a patient journey.

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Emmi works because partnership works. See what patients said about Emmi:

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Emmi solutions enable healthcare organizations to build stronger relationships, enhance the care experience, improve health outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives, while increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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