Partner with patients to optimize care

Emmi is the solution healthcare organizations trust most to help patients make the best-informed decisions about their health.

We do that by providing engaging, on-demand content combined with behavior-based care delivery. Even better, our solution is an extension of UpToDate, the most trusted clinical decision support resource.

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Tangible Outcomes

Patient engagement needs to optimize outcomes. Our programs effectively change patient behavior, helping them partner with their care teams to drive the essential outcomes for performing in value-based care.

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Expert Content

For decades, we have delivered empathetic communication that meets patients where they are and is sensitive to their situation. We’ve synthesized that experience into award-winning content that our clients can leverage.

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Successful Customers

Our AI-enabled solutions help empower and engage patients throughout their care journey. Our platform adapts as it learns more about how patients prefer to be contacted and how they interact with the content.

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Emmi patient engagement delivers results

Whether it is enhancing patient centered care, improving quality and health outcomes or optimizing financial performance, we work with our clients to help them achieve their goals and we have the results to prove it.

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