Integrated digital health content is a critical component of our healthcare ecosystem

While technology will continue to help care delivery evolve, patients can only make better decisions and be in better health when they have the right content in the technology they use.

Digital health platforms need to consider what content can fuel their innovations. Trusted, engaging content and tools enrich interaction and promote user trust. Digital Health Architect™ Consumer Education Suite provides all that and more! This suite pulls from the evidence-based content in UpToDate®, Lexicomp®, and Emmi® to deliver trusted, engaging, consumer-centric experiences.

Learn How Consumer Education Suite Helps Drive Transformation

Strong, innovative technology works best when it offers a consumer-driven experience

With Digital Health Architect, customers like Doximity can provide high quality telehealth experiences using evidence-based content from UpToDate, Lexicomp, and Emmi.

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Serving healthcare industry innovators looking to better educate their customers

In a podcast for HLTH Matters, Yaw Fellin, Vice President of Product and Solutions for Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, Health, explains how Digital Health Architect is helping virtual care innovators meet an inflection point in healthcare delivery.

Yaw Fellin Headshot
We have something very unique in the sense that [digital health tech startups’] core competencies tend to be around the technology…and there's not a lot of scale for these individual companies in terms of creating, maintaining, building evidence-based content.

[Digital Health Architect] provides access to all our evidence-based content. It's basically a full library that would support patients or consumers or members in the digital experiences that they're trying to create.

We're working with developers; we've got APIs; we've got developer portals; we've got all the tools and resources that can allow them to quickly integrate that content into their experiences, into their products. Why we think this is so critical and so rich is that it brings the evidence into this virtual care space, into these virtual care environments, and really allows folks to drive towards outcomes.
Yaw Fellin
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graphic - creating and maintaining Emmi content is resource intensive

Fuel your innovation with our trusted, easy-to-integrate digital health content:

  • Educational content, videos, and more delivered through web services and APIs for easy integration and flexibility.
  • Technology-enabled delivery includes content mapped to standard medical terminologies and meta-tagged for just-in-time retrieval.
  • A dedicated implementation team consults with you to enable efficient implementation.

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