Search Capabilities

  • Due Diligence Searches including: UCC Search, Federal & State Tax Lien Search, Judgment Lien Search and more Real Property
  • Searches including: Owner Verification Search, Owner Mortgage Search and more
  • Additional Searches: Motor Vehicle, U.S. Coast Guard Search, Patriot Act Search and more


  • Dramatically reduced search time so you can get to the closing quicker
  • Nationwide coverage and advanced online document retrieval capabilities
  • Consultative guidance on the best search strategy for your deal
  • 360 approach, including UCC filing expertise & services
What's driving the increased complexity for UCCs?

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Jurisdictional considerations

Ever-changing jurisdictional requirements can mean missed or incorrect searches.

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Lending and merger requirements are complex

Missed deadlines can result in lost time and money for you and your clients.

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An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage lien management and debtor due diligence compliance increases year after year.

Performing UCC Search Due Diligence
Watch Video
CT Expert Insights: Performing UCC Search Due Diligence
Listen to Bill Moore, Senior Manager of Transactional Business Consultants and Law Firms Sales for CT, as he offers tips for navigating the due diligence process and protecting your security interests.
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