Preempting adverse health events

Adverse health events are insidious. They hide in the margins of workflow inefficiencies, untenable costs, and poor outcomes. But if healthcare stakeholders are to uproot and resolve concerns like falls, infections, and errors, they have to know when incidents take place, and more importantly, identify the preventable events leading up to them.

But challenges stand in the way. Quality improvement initiatives are siloed and may lack access to the latest evidence-based information and clinical support. In addition, clinician trainings and competencies stand to upskill staff on safe and effective patient care, but they too require standardization that many facilitates may not have.

Additionally, controlling for adverse events becomes more nuanced outside the clinical setting. Reduced line-of-sight into patient medications and follow-up appointments can make adverse event management harder to predict.

Combined, these concerns not only risk patient safety, but they also complicate administrators’ efforts to track and report events for Magnet certifications, compliance, and other areas. Now more than ever, systems need efficient and integrated workflow tools to break down these clinical and operational barriers. With alerting, data management, systemized trainings, and competencies, we’re ready to help you deliver the best care everywhere.


Get accurate alerts

Notify clinical teams early when a patient is at risk for sepsis or other adverse health events with advanced, accurate alerting and monitoring.

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Streamline medication data

Reduce the risk of adverse drug events with medication data management tools that lean on integrated insights to guide everyday prescription decisions.

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Standardize training and analytics

Plan, deploy, and track professional development and upskilling initiatives using streamlined training and analytics solutions that fit within existing workflows.

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Address competency gaps

Preempt issues before they lead to adverse health events with world-class clinical training and competency tools that won't disrupt clinicians' day-to-day routines.

Solutions for hospitals, health systems, and pharmacies

Explore solutions to support healthcare administrators and leaders avoid adverse events and improve professional competencies, sepsis detection, medication management, quality improvement initiatives, and more.

Expert insights related to avoiding adverse health events

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