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Save time and resources with high-level oversight of QI, EBP, and research projects.


Expert guidance

Bridge the gap between research and knowledge and provide guidance for all skill levels. 



Standardize and streamline your program by leveraging technology.



Strengthen and collaborate across your teams, eradicating silos and fostering a culture of EBP.

Who we help

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Nurse leadership, Hospital QI, and Magnet® staff

  • Advance training and skills by offering built-in guidance for staff at all levels by aggregating and synthesizing the latest evidence to ensure quality projects.
  • Strengthen collaboration and eradicate work silos to encourage a culture of EBP and QI.
  • Save time and resources by giving managers high-level, real-time oversight of the QI, EBP, and status checking of projects.
  • Decrease the amount of manual effort for Magnet®️ application by organizing and storing data for survey reports.
Ovid Synthesis Nursing Excellence
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Nurse professional development and residency

  • Enrich curricula and competencies by offering step-by-step prompts that guide the user through the EBP process.
  • Decrease workload with one simple solution that serves as the repository for the residency program’s projects.
  • Gain high-level oversight and real-time tracking of resident projects to decrease duplication of effort.
  • Empower and retain proficient practicing nurses who climb the clinical ladder.
Ovid Synthesis Nurse Residency Programs
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Academic programs

  • Bridge the gap between research, knowledge, and practical skills.
  • Enrich curricula and support competency development.
  • Leverage technology to streamline and standardize the research process to ensure quality.
  • Save time and effort by making assignments easier for faculty to track and manage.
  • Fast-track AACN and CCNE accreditation readiness.
Ovid Synthesis Academic Programs

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