Health systems face challenges in safely and accurately preparing compounded medications, complying with regulations, staffing, and budget constraints

Industry studies show that technology-assisted workflows detect 14x more errors, leading to safer, faster, and lower-cost compounding preparation. Simplifi+ IV Workflow Management is designed by pharmacists to help ensure compliance and alignment with real-world workflows.

Completing the Simplifi+ pharmacy compliance offering, this purpose-built solution fulfills the unique pharmacy compounding requirements of hospitals, outpatient infusion centers, plus the health system’s internal central-fill facility.

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Technology eases the burden of staff shortages

Harness a complete pharmacy compounding solution with Simplifi+

With our suite of Simplifi+ Pharmacy Compliance solutions, you are supported by one partner, dedicated to maximizing your compounding workflow efficiency and support USP and medication compliance.

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As a pharmacist, it allows me to look at still-images and video of the process, instead of just seeing the final product with syringe drawback. I feel more confident in the final product because I have seen all of the steps that went into making it. For technicians, it gives them step-by-step instructions throughout the process. For newer IV techs or preps that are rarely made, this is very helpful and could prevent potential errors.

Any compounding pharmacy would benefit from this system. It provides accountability, ability to recall, electronic documentation, and quality assurance, among other things.

Ryan Brown, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Conway Regional Health System
Customer Spotlight - Conway Regional Health System
Conway Regional Health System
 Conway Regional Health System 

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