FinanceMarch 09, 2022

Demand planning for retail: increase revenue, decrease expense

To remain a competitive retailer, requires accurate forecasts and improved planning for consumer demand.

Today’s consumers are as savvy as they are restless. They’ve searched for the prices. They understand the delivery options. And they expect the availability of their selection - on demand.If you’re out-of-stock, they’re a click away from your closest competitor.

The Challenge? To remain competitive, it’s no secret that retailers must accurately forecast and plan for consumer demand. But in the often-unpredictable world of supply chains, numerous uncertainties and hard-to-determine variables must be navigated.

Download this paper, Demand planning for retail, and learn how the capabilities of the right, AI-based supply chain solutions enable retailers to increase revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction, all while reducing safety stock and other inventory-related expenses.

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