FinanceTax & AccountingApril 22, 2024

Demo: CCH® SureTax®

Automate your sales tax workflows with CCH SureTax – the end-to-end software that enables you to automatically calculate, collect and remit taxes. 

Sales and use taxes can quickly turn into a headache for even the most experienced teams. CCH® SureTax® is the end-to-end sales tax software that enables you to automatically calculate, collect, and remit taxes – every time and to the correct jurisdiction.

Discover how CCH® SureTax® can automate your use and sales tax workflows – from nexus tracking to sales and use tax compliance. Take a tour of the platform to see how you can:

  • Gain confidence in your industry-specific calculations 
  • Simplify your nexus management 
  • Take the risk out of sales and use tax 
  • Boost productivity with real-time automation
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CCH® SureTax®
Cloud-based, end-to-end sales and use tax automation platform.
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