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ComplianceOctober 06, 2020

On-demand webinar: Business compliance and governance essentials

Every business entity — no matter its, size, ownership, entity type or industry — must meet many basic compliance requirements. But basic doesn’t mean simple. The challenges for corporate legal departments and the law firms that serve them are staying on top of ever-changing regulations, and knowing how different parties impact compliance.

In this webinar we will look at these two sides of compliance— the what and the who.

Attendees will learn:

  • An overview of compliance obligations for corporations and LLCs imposed by statutes, rules, regulations, and internal documents
  • The consequences of non-compliance
  • How key individuals including directors, officers, shareholders, members, and managers impact governance
  • Lessons from case law on the failure to comply
  • New challenges for governing officials
Elina Balagula
Transactional Business Consultant

Elina Balagula is a licensed attorney with over 10 years of legal practice experience, who serves as a UCC and transactional subject matter expert for law firm and corporate clients in the Northeast region.

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