Modernization of Corporate Legal
ComplianceNovember 23, 2020

Modernization of corporate legal: How and why is legal changing

Global growth is driving the evolution of corporate legal departments, according to a new report by IDC. As general counsels and legal teams are tasked with more compliance-related responsibilities, such as entity management, legal departments are evolving. Technology investments and outsourcing are just some of the ways that teams are adapting to handle certain tasks. Yet many of these investments are misplaced and labor-intensive. And although partnerships can drive efficiency gains, not all legal services providers are created equal.

Modernization of Corporate Legal

Modernization of corporate legal

How and why Is legal changing?

In June 2020, IDC – the leading technology market research firm – conducted a survey of 101 general counsel, corporate secretaries, and associate general counsel from multinational organizations with annual revenue of at least $1.5 billion about their plans to modernize corporate legal departments.

Learn more about how and why legal is changing and key recommendations for ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulatory and legal obligations.