LLC Formation in Indiana
ComplianceFebruary 25, 2019

LLC formation in Indiana

Whether you are starting your Indiana business or organizing an Indiana business already in existence, if you are considering forming an LLC you'll want to understand Indiana’s requirements for LLC formation.

Naming your Indiana LLC

The name you select for your LLC must include the words "Limited Liability Company," or an abbreviation thereof. Plus, your LLC’s name must be distinguishable on the records of the Secretary of State's office from the names of other domestic or foreign filing entities, reserved or assumed names.

Member/Manager information

The following are Indiana’s requirements for the members/managers of LLCs:

  • Minimum number. LLCs must have at least one member.
  • Residence requirements. Indiana does not have a provision specifying where members/managers must reside.
  • Age requirements. Indiana does not have age requirements.
  • Inclusion in the articles of organization. Indiana does not require the names of members or managers to be listed in the Articles of Organization.
  • Member/Manager managed. If the LLC is to be manager-managed the Articles of Organization must include a statement to that effect.

Requirements for the articles of organization

An Indiana LLC is formed by filing the Articles of Organization and paying the state-mandated filing fee.

Registered agent

An LLC must designate and maintain a Registered Agent in the state. If the LLC appoints a Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) the name of the CRA must be set forth in the Articles of Organization. If the Registered Agent is not a CRA the name of the noncommercial Registered Agent and its address (number and street) must be set forth. A post office box is not acceptable unless accompanied by a rural route number.

Professional services businesses

Indiana allows professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, and physicians, to form an LLC. Indiana’s statutes do not provide for a professional limited liability company (PLLC).

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