Lien Solutions specialty vehicle asset support

By partnering with the industry leader with expertise handling all types of assets across 50 states and jurisdictions, we can help you quickly and accurately handle titling and registration to protect your interests, including such specialty vehicles as:

Recreational Vehicles including RVs, campers, travel trailers

Boats including vessels, fishing, personal watercraft

Powersport vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles

Specialty mobility vehicles

Specialty vehicle asset titling benefits:

  • Quick fees and estimates
  • Teams 100% dedicated to motor vehicle transactions
  • Jurisdictional expertise for specialty assets
  • Coverage across all 50 states
  • Support for origination volume surges
A reliable system for non-standard vehicles
Specialty vehicles are more popular than ever, leaving lenders to tackle the challenge of titling and registering these different vehicles — with unfamiliar rules and regulations from all 50 states and Departments of Natural Resources — plus seasonal versus yearly fee structures. Lien Solutions offers the industry's leading titling platform, combining accuracy, speed, and service to help secure title perfection and reduce risk for a wide portfolio of assets, including specialty vehicles, nationwide.

Perfection in motion

Our single solution helps lenders mitigate risk by reducing human error through automated, integrated workflows. The iLien Motor Vehicle platform, coupled with deep local jurisdictional knowledge, handles unfamiliar titling and registration tasks to protect your interest in specialty asset types and improve the accuracy and efficiency of all types of vehicle transactions.

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