Lien Solutions provides complete nationwide filing services for loan- and lease-related documentation. Powered by our award-winning SaaS platform iLien, you can prepare and process Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other filings, as well as manage them in your online lien portfolio.

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As the largest processor of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings in the country,  we handle thousands of filings every day, providing flexible solutions for clients no matter the scale. We pass the benefits of extensive experience to you — to speed your workflow, increase accuracy, and achieve better results.
A complete menu of filings no matter what you need
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As the largest lien services provider in the country, we’re experts in filing accurate UCC-1 financing statements to perfect your interest in debtors’ assets. Our platform has built-in audit controls and pre-programmed templates for each jurisdiction, resulting in the most accurate UCC filings and fewer filing rejections.
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When you modify the pledged collateral, acquire a new portfolio, receive payoff from the borrower, or even if you are approaching the lien expiration date, you may need to file a UCC-3. The UCC-3 financing statement continues, amends, terminates, or assigns the original UCC filing and can be necessary in order to collect. Through our platform, you can more easily maintain your perfected interest over time.
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Fixture Filings
If you have interest in equipment installed in real property, you may need to file a fixture filing. Unlike a UCC, fixture filings are filed at the county. We work with more than 3,000 jurisdictions and understand their rules and fees to make your filing process as easy as possible.
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Purchase Money Security Interests (PMSI)
PMSI filings are a bit more complex than UCC filings. Once you file, you need to perform a post-filing search (also called a search-to-reflect) to reflect your filing position, and finally, you must notify all prior creditors. While this looks different from a standard UCC filing process, our team is equipped and skilled at simplifying your PMSI process and helping you achieve first position on your assets.
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Personal Property Security Act (PPSA/Canada)
The Canadian version of the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code is the Personal Property Security Act. PPSA registrations perfect the security interests held by the secured party and are filed at the province or territory. There are several key differences between UCC filings and PPSA registrations, and our team can help you navigate the nuances.
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Effective Financing Statement (EFS)
Effective Financing Statements, under the Food Security Act (“FSA”), are an agricultural-specific filing to perfect an interest in agricultural products. An EFS filing can be submitted only after a UCC-1 has been filed. State requirements for EFS filings vary, but our team is knowledgeable on the process and state variations and can help you navigate the process with ease.

Speed and efficiency

Lien Solutions streamlines the entire UCC lien preparation, filing, and management process. We’ve turned our decades of experience into automated tools that help you work smarter and faster. You can take advantage of cutting-edge technology with our iLien platform — without the cost of software and the hassle of upgrades.

Focused and flexible

Speed is essential, and our time-sensitive electronic processing helps you meet filing deadlines and close transactions more quickly. With iLien, you get a single access point for everyone involved in a particular transaction, with updates reflected in the portfolio immediately.

The benefits of having a responsive, expert partner

Whether you do 100 filings or 100,000, we support you with an expert service team of specialists who understand the legal requirements and administrative procedures of each secretary of state filing and of each jurisdictional filing.
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Lien Solutions Professional Services offers iLien API integration for seamless transfer of data between iLien and your system. Save time, prevent keying errors, and file and search faster with integration. Our Professional Services offers customized reporting, name change services, bulk filing, and more. 
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