Common lending challenges

  • Keeping up with rapidly changing jurisdictional requirements
  • Scaling for growth can be difficult with the complexity of solar liens
  • Lack of visibility into the entire portfolio
  • Unfamiliarity with the steps and stages needed for long-term loan management
  • Inconsistent, nonexistent or manual processes
  • Maintaining portfolio health for securitization or resale

How we assist solar equipment finance companies

  • Subject matter expertise, risk mitigation, and workflow consulting
  • Tailored solutions to accommodate changing organizational needs including reporting and portfolio sale support, secure eAsset storage and management through eVault
  • Built-in jurisdictional expertise reduces filing errors and rejections
  • UCC filing management platform and automation services
  • Turnkey solution for bulk UCC county fixture filings requests and residential property searches
  • A trusted platform to create, manage and monetize digital loan assets using encryption and end-to-end audit trails

By enabling visibility into your filing portfolio, Wolters Kluwer can help you manage loans long-term, scale operations, and protect your solar equipment value and health for both securitization and resale.


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