A reliable system for vehicle title and registration

It’s a process that can be prone to complexity, delays, and error — which is why you want to have the industry-leading vehicle title solutions expert at your service. Lien Solutions has extensive experience with vehicle title and registration services in all 50 states, offering streamlined workflows for title processing to help lenders maintain lien perfection with the following capabilities:


Lien tax and fee estimates
(commercial and consumer)

Part of the complexity of vehicle registration is the differing fees and taxes across jurisdictions. We give lenders an estimate of a jurisdiction’s taxes and fees upfront to provide to their commercial and consumer borrowers at loan origination to avoid surprises and maintain a positive borrower experience.


Title and registration (full or prep-only)

Our SaaS solution offers a full suite of vehicle title and registration services — or we can just handle the prep work if that's all you need. We also offer an API with Loan Origination Systems (LOS) to decrease redundant data entry and make registering titles and perfecting liens seamless.


Add/remove lien holders

You may need to add or remove lienholder names on vehicle titles to ensure they remain accurate, and the lenders’ interests are still protected. Lien Solutions helps organizations make these lienholder modifications in all jurisdictions.


Lien release

Once a borrower fulfills their financial obligation, they obtain the title to their vehicle, and the creditor releases their lien. Our solution provides you with a simple, efficient workflow for the lien release process in any jurisdiction across all 50 states.


Lien transfer

Vehicle owners might transfer title with a lien still on the vehicle, such as when selling a vehicle or passing away before paying off a loan. Lien Solutions helps lenders make sure the title is perfected based on the title state's transfer requirements.


Title change or correction

Some scenarios require a title correction or change, such as a borrower getting married and changing their name. With Lien Solutions, lenders can make a title change or assist the borrower in doing so to help ensure they don’t lose their priority as a creditor.


Duplicate vehicle title

Many borrowers have a hard time keeping track of their vehicle titles, or they might lose them in a flood or fire. With Lien Solutions, it’s a simple matter to quickly ascertain a specific jurisdiction’s DMV requirements to obtain a duplicate vehicle title.


Repossessed vehicle title

Lenders might have to go through the vehicle repossession process when borrowers default on their loans. Our solution helps lenders handle repossession titling efficiently so they can limit their losses as much as possible.


State transfer

Borrowers may run into a situation where they reside in a different state than where the vehicle is titled. Our solution provides lenders the requirements to transfer titles to the borrowers’ home state with no change in ownership and a lienholder can be added or removed at the same time.


Lease buyout

In available jurisdictions, when a leased vehicle ends up being purchased by the current lessee, we give lenders the ability to do a transfer of ownership affecting the title and the registration.


Duplicate title with lien add

In available jurisdictions, a duplicate title and lien add transaction request can be combined into a one-step process, reducing time to lien perfection.


Title only (full or prep-only)

Lien Solutions provides lenders the requirements to change something on the title - such as add or remove lienholder or transfer ownership, without issuing a registration. Or we can just handle the prep work if that’s all you need.


VIN search and title due diligence

Lenders are always keeping a watchful eye out for title swapping and other forms of vehicle title fraud. This effort includes performing title due diligence, such as a VIN search, which can be done quickly and easily through Lien Solutions.


API vehicle titling integration

Integrating the industry's leading titling platform with your existing systems will deliver increased productivity (through workflow automation and more efficient processes), reduced errors (by eliminating manual processes), reduced costs (vs. using a standalone application), and improved user experience.

Don’t put your titles and registration at risk

Motor vehicle title and registration services are essential for both consumer and commercial auto lenders to obtain a perfected lien — but if not handled properly, they can leave a lienholder’s title unperfected and interest at risk amidst the complexity of varying jurisdictional requirements, forms, and fees. Our single-platform system, complemented by our jurisdictional knowledge and expertise, helps secure lien perfection quickly and reliably across diverse regulations in all 50 states.
Even more complexity: How to manage borrowers handling their own titling
Sometimes registrations and titles are the borrower’s responsibility. Lenders can prepare borrowers for the steps and costs of the process to make sure they properly reflect the lender’s name on the title. But additional help is often needed to prepare borrowers with a checklist of required documents, for their motor vehicles or specialty assets, in their specific jurisdiction.

Track different DMV requirements

Different jurisdictions have their own rules and regulations when it comes to the vehicle registration process — and they change over time. As a lender, keeping track of every DMV’s latest requirements nationwide isn’t just cumbersome, it’s impossible. At Lien Solutions, we keep up to date on different jurisdictions’ vehicle title and registration processes, fees, forms, and taxes in all 50 states so lenders don’t have to.

Beware of unperfected liens

The stakes are high during the vehicle registration process: accurate and complete vehicle registrations and lien filings are necessary for lenders to avoid ending up with unperfected liens. In the unfortunate event the borrower defaults or files for bankruptcy, the lender then wouldn’t have priority on recovering the vehicle or the amount owed.

Be ready for time-consuming title processing

A lender’s main function is not to oversee vehicle title processing. Learning the registration process in many jurisdictions and sharing knowledge with a borrower demands a lender’s time and resources, especially as your business grows. Using a leading SaaS solution lets lenders spend less time on motor vehicle titling and more on expanding their business.
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