Take smarter risks with the CCH Tagetik Risk Adjusted Planning App

When the pressure to make flash decisions is on, CCH Tagetik Risk Adjusted Planning helps you weigh the probability, consequences, and rewards of risks before moving forward. While risk management and strategic planning are traditionally completed separately, our pre-packaged app brings the two together. Not only can you identify risks, measure them and quantify potential costs, but you can also depict volatility, exposure and probability. That way, you can better assess the risk of a given strategy, determine if you accept it and how to mitigate it. Complete with stochastic methods, like the Monte Carlo simulation, our risk adjusted planning app comes out-of-the-box with everything you need to analyze risks and develop complete strategic responses.

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Key capabilities

Identify risks at a glance. We built this app based on universally required risk management functionality and best practices that give you the insight you need to avoid, transfer, mitigate, or accept the risk of your strategy.
  • Gauge risk probability with a Monte Carlo simulation engine
  • Analyze what-if scenarios according to risk exposure
  • Plan to mitigate risks by allocating costs and resources
  • Assess value-driven metrics and plan a full horizon of assumptions
  • Define risk strategies by setting risk tolerance and thresholds
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Key benefits

Built to get you up-and-running fast, this app was designed with a user-friendly front-end that Finance can easily navigate. Extend it, custom it, scale it up: Finance can do it all easily and without IT involvement.

  • Determine depreciation pattern, accounts impacted, and useful life
  • Model capital projects with detailed drivers
  • Display capital spending KPIs on dashboards
  • See the impacts of potential decisions in real-time
  • Speed up approvals using collaborative workflows
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