Financesoctobre 12, 2018

Découvrez pourquoi la fonction Finance du Groupe Altus est désormais plus agile et indépendante !

La plateforme unique CCH Tagetik permet au Groupe Altus de réaliser simplement son élaboration budgétaire et sa planification dans le cloud.

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We have operations all over the world, the UK, Australia, Asia, US and Canada,so any regulatory changes that happened there, affect us quite a bit, especially some of the more recent changes around GDPR in the UK and financial governance stuff that's been coming out in North America … it's all been impacting us quite a bit.

We have a very dynamic business, we've in the past done anywhere from two to five acquisitions per year so our business has been morphing, changing, growing and our reporting obviously has to grow with that.

Another big problem is that our budgeting and reporting systemsare actually working on two different modules.

We have a lot of our more complex stuff done in Excel, so things like dashboarding, ad hoc reporting,metrics, KPIs, charting, forecasting, financial modeling and even allocations, they're all done in Excel and our consolidation process is actually built in five separate Excel modules that are then consolidated on a monthly basis.All of our balance sheet and cash flow is done manually and our disclosure management, MD&A, financial statements are all done in Word and PowerPoint, so, we've got some very manual processes in place.

A couple of things that really stood out to us about CCH Tagetik were that for one it was a fully integratedsystem, it didn't have different pieces that had to be linked together, it was all one comprehensive package that talked to itself and it made it seamless to do reporting and analytics.

The second reason was because a lot of the customization that we had previously in our other systemswasn't required.

It seems like CCH Tagetik had thought about everything ahead of time.

It also made Finance a lot more independent, we don't have to rely on IT,it's very easy to use and it allows us to do a lot more stuff, a lot more quickly.

Also with CCH Tagetik's cloud services we have contracted SLA's for up time, we have a dedicated support team and we have an automatic path to upgrades and updates which you don't necessarily get when you have an on-prem solution.
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