Financesoctobre 18, 2022

CCH Tagetik aide HH Hunt à exploiter ses données et à gagner des business insights

HH Hunt a choisi CCH Tagetik pour la production de rapports améliorés sur ses flux de trésorerie couvrant plusieurs secteurs d'activité, avec différentes structures de planification, différents plans comptables, dans des rapports consolidés rapides.

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HH Hunt is in four different lines of business: land development, build apartment and senior living facilities, home builder, community developer. The lines are all separate accounting and so they have four ERPs. 

How was life before CCH Tagetik? 

The controllers of the different business lines were sending their reports to one of the controllers who would just consolidate everything. 

So when they were trying to pull trial balances from the system, manually in Excel they found out that there were a lot of mistakes in the reports. The accuracy wasn't there and management had had some concerns. 

It was a very manual process and the month-end close took 5 days, so it's not efficient, people are just crunching numbers when they could analysis and helping the business, adding value. 

Hear why Susan Carlton, VP of Accounting at HH Hunt, selected CCH Tagetik for Cash Flow.

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