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MARC Records, or “machine readable cataloging record,” is the uniform method of digitally organizing bibliographic data, and plays an important role in any library’s catalog system.  Wolters Kluwer now offers MARC Records Manager for all titles available on VitalLaw®.

As most resources for libraries are now accessed digitally, it is imperative that you have titles that are easily discoverable within your catalog system.  Wolters Kluwer is committed to continually improving on ease of use and accessibility of your Wolters Kluwer titles and subscriptions through MARC Records Manager. We also offer a master list of all titles available to you on our digital platforms.

MARC Records Manager Help & FAQ

My MARC Records Manager

Managing titles and libraries can be a demanding task and MARC Records Manager can help you. By selecting titles using column headers to search and sort, you can easily find the ones you need.  By using the download or email features, you will receive a file with the corresponding record.  Choose to have an automatic alert notify you each time a record is updated, and also see status change and date within MARC Records Manager.

Login to My Marc Records Manager

My Product Titles with Links

Within MARC Records Manager, you can access a list of your titles with a corresponding URL Report including titles, practice areas, dates and offers.  To receive an excel file, simply download or email the report which has all corresponding titles and links.  You can select to be alerted each time a URL link is updated.

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