Inform new product development and tap into pharmacology research

When it’s your research, your due diligence, and your company’s products on the line, you want to feel confident that the knowledge resources you are consulting contain timely and trusted drug content.

Lexicomp provides access to a variety of drug information databases and interactive modules to inform pharmaceutical market and medication safety research. Our wide array of databases enables your team to quickly locate information on an extensive range of topics, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric dosing and guidelines, IV compatibility, patient education, pharmacogenomics, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, and more.

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Fast access and ease of use

Enhance workflow and efficiency; quickly retrieve information in just a few clicks with our intuitive tools and interface

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Streamlined content

Access to drug uses, adverse reactions, interactions, dosing, pregnancy/lactation information, and more to support R&D and market intelligence

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Most recent data for your research

Updated daily for access to timely drug knowledge and clinical best practices to help with risk mitigation in pharmaceutical development

Customers trust Lexicomp

Nearly 100% of customers are satisfied with the quality of Lexicomp content and 96% of customers are likely to renew.

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