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With the transition to ICD-10, increased clinical documentation demands, and an alphabet soup of audit agencies, quick access to up-to-date coding and reimbursement information is critical. We can help, with the primary source content and expert tools you need to minimize claims denials and secure your bottom line.

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We help members of the health care industry to stay in compliance, and defend them when someone says they didn't. It is rewarding to help clients navigate the complex health care field.
Frank Sheeder
Frank Sheeder
From the time I started at the Justice Department as a trial attorney, I have always loved litigation because it combines competition, personal relations, strategy and judgment, and academic analysis. Litigating False Claims Act cases, particularly since we were “creating the law” after the watershed amendments to the Act in 1986, provides the perfect opportunity to utilize those practice skills.
John T. Boese
John T. Boese
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