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When you need a Washington state UCC search or filing, it’s important to work with a partner you can trust. Our experienced service team understands the nuances involved — from Washington tax lien searches to Washington bankruptcy searches, we conduct the most accurate, timely searches so you can proceed with confidence.

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File online or let us handle all your Washington UCC filings for you including Washington UCC-1s, UCC-3s and UCC Article 9.

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UCC filing hub will streamline your process
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See how the UCC platform can simplify your UCC filings
No more redundant data entry and tedious checking for accuracy across multiple forms, the UCC filing hub is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform that offers you smart UCC automation.
Performing UCC Search Due Diligence
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CT Expert Insights: Performing UCC Search Due Diligence
Listen to Bill Moore, Senior Manager of Transactional Business Consultants and Law Firms Sales for CT, as he offers tips for navigating the due diligence process and protecting your security interests.
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