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Stay protected and avoid costly and time-consuming default judgments. Gain greater control over your time and resources. Securely integrate directly into your processes, workflows and systems. CT Corporation’s service of process (SOP) solutions allow you to focus on what matters. With flexible solutions built around your needs and backed by our industry-leading depth of service, CT Corporation has you covered.


Search, retrieve and download PDF versions of all your documents in real-time—24/7. Our secure, online workspace gives you quick, electronic document transmittal and receipt—eliminating the risk of misplaced or lost paper.


Our online workspace—featuring SOP dashboard—lets you boost your efficiency and facilitate legal response collaboration. Interactive and customizable graphs, charts, and maps let you view important alerts, check notification histories, and quickly navigate to pertinent details.

Service of Process solutions
Innovative. Seamless. Efficient.
Integrate with ease
Paired with our integration technology, our SOP solutions offer fully compatible integration with matter management, wage garnishment, claims handling and custom systems.
Additional solutions to consider
Business compliance requires global expertise. Expect more.
Trust CT Corporation to navigate compliance anywhere you do business.
*Based on median electronic delivery times calculated during business hours and aggregated on a monthly basis, excluding the processing of non-standard SOP and subject to modification due to unforeseen or unexpected events.
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