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FAA Searches

Conducts multiple searches on an aircraft since separate liens can be placed on the airframe and each engine if the aircraft's horsepower exceeds 500 hp.

US Coast Guard searches

Searches the US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center to obtain an Abstract of Title that shows all bills of sale, mortgages, and notices of claim of lien that have been filed and recorded by the Coast Guard.

Hospital lien searches

Looks for liens that a hospital may have filed against an individual to recover the costs of emergency and other continuing medical services.

Agricultural lien searches

This uncovers liens on agricultural assets, such as crops or livestock, that do not qualify as fixtures and are not considered part of the land or other real assets.

Taxi searches

This includes UCC, fixture filings, federal tax liens, state tax liens, and judgment liens where medallions are being used as collateral.
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