I have a Canadian corporation for installing water park equipment and I need to open an affiliate company in the USA. Most of the work being offered to me is in the USA and I am rejecting projects because I can’t work in the USA yet. What can I do?


Installation of water park equipment in the U.S. commonly requires a contractor’s license. Contractor’s licenses may be issued by the state, county, or city. 

Many contractor licenses require as a prerequisite that the business entity is foreign-qualified in that state. You can either qualify your Canadian company in those states, or register a domestic US company in one of the states where you do business (to save on one foreign qualification), or in one of the states that offer a friendly incorporation environment such as Delaware or Wyoming, and then foreign qualify it in the states where you are offered jobs.

Additional licenses that your business may need include obtaining an EIN, tax registration, and local business licenses. We can help guide you through the process of 1) determining what business licenses are required for each project and 2) preparing and filing the application(s) so that your business receives licenses quickly.  Please contact CT Corporation to consult with a licensing specialist.

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