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ComplianceJune 11, 2019

Cross industry knowledge sharing in Rome…like the Romans do

On the 6th of June 2019 we organized a ‘Cross Industry Bowtie’ event in Rome. With the event, we wanted to provide a platform to exchange experiences across industries and discuss how we could take bowties to the next level in Italy.

The presentations shared by both local partners & clients like TECSA Srl, Human Factor Italia, Saipem, Edison E&P and Augusto Derghi Aviation Consultant were like music in our ears: impressive content in the beautiful Italian language!

An impressive line up

We learned about an extensive use case from Luca Fiorentini and Rosario Sicari (TECSA), which clarified several phases in the development of a practical bowtie. Going from the basic bowtie diagram to an extended risk assessment including advanced data like LOPA and performance standards. Salvatore Bagnato (Edison E&P) took this even a step further by sharing how Edison has worked their way to BowTieServer. He also gave us a little peek of what their vision forward with this is, so we are excited to hear more about this in the near future.

After the presentation from Edison, Augusto Derghi (civil aviation consultant) took us into the world of aviation by sharing an analysis of an aviation incident. After explaining the context, he took us into BowTieXP and IncidentXP to not only explain his analysis, but also show some key features of these software tools – always useful to get practical.

After lunch, the energy level was luckily still high (of course also due to a signature Italian espresso) so we could learn from the usage of bowtie within Saipem. Simone Passarella took us into the world of offshore construction and showed us that it’s very important to understand what can go wrong.

Last, but definitely not least, Luca Toncelli and Fanelli Francesco Paolo (Human Factor Italia) showed us a different vision on bowtie by integrating human factors in the core bowtie diagram. They shared thoughts and many references for those who’d like to dive deeper into this topic.

Mission accomplished

The goal for the day was to share experiences and to learn from peers. In our opinion, we definitely reached this goal. We hope the participants feel the same way and we look forward to being in touch with the participants to learn about their next steps with bowties!

Don’t take our word for it

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