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ComplianceESGApril 09, 2024

BowTieXP Enterprise version 12 service pack 4 is out!

Version 12.4 of BowTieXP Enterprise has been released! Our team has put in extensive effort to enhance and update our software. This time, the solution pack comes with some very important details.

Indeed, due to a potential security issue and the end of life of Microsoft .NET6 framework by the 11th of November, it is essential for all of BowTieXP Enterprise users to upgrade to version 12.4 or later before this date. Starting November 11th, 2024, we will no longer provide support for version 12.3 or under (this includes v10, v11, v12.0-12.3)

To facilitate this implementation, our team is ready to support you. In parallele, we have compiled below the new features from version 12.0 up to version 12.4. If you're interested in exploring only the enhancements in version 12.4, please visit this page.

For any inquiries regarding this upgrade, we've created a dedicated FAQ section: Read more.

Additional BowTieXP Enterprise features

  • Audit overview roll-up report (v12.0)

    The Audit overview is a popular report that shows the distribution of positive and negative answers to audit and inspection questions per organizational unit. This is useful to find underperforming sites, or to see trends in certain barrier types requiring more attention.Previously, the report was missing a roll-up capability to higher organizational unit levels. Take for example the following simple hierarchy:

    • Brazil
      • Rio de Janeiro
      • Sao Paulo

    If you had survey results for Rio and Sao Paulo, but not directly relating to Brazil, there would be results visible on the cities, but the country level would show no results.

    Since version 12.0, you are now be able to switch on the aggregation function, so that the results of Rio and Sao Paulo are aggregated to the level of Brazil, thus showing you the combined results for both underlying organizational units.BTXPE - v12.0 - Audit Roll up

    BTXPE - v12.0 - Audit Roll up 2

  • Usability enhancement (v12.0)

    Since version 12.0, we have worked on small usability enhancement to facilitate your work, most notably:

    • You can now set your review recurrence to every 5 years, to complement the existing recurrence options.
    • We've updated the BSCAT method with the new SCAT9 causal factor list according to DNV in IncidentXP.

    BTXPE - v12.0 - usability enhancement

  • Risk overview widget (v12.1)

    Widgets on the personal dashboard in BowTieXP Enterprise can be a great tool to get quick access to information that is most relevant to you as a user. It is now possible to add the Risk Overview - which represents an aggregated risk profile - as a widget to the dashboard. Previously, you could only get that aggregated view of risk in a pie chart, but we understand that seeing it in the context of a matrix is sometimes more useful. You can now choose between a pie chart, or the matrix!

  • Additional Information in Global/Local Report Headers (v12.2)

    In previous versions of the report, only the Hazard name was displayed. However, a challenge arose when multiple bowties shared the same Hazard name but had different Top Events. This made it difficult for users to differentiate between them.

    To address this issue, we've introduced an enhancement that adds the Hazard Code to the Top Event Name display in the header of both Global and Local reports. This enhancement streamlines user experience by allowing easy identification of these instances without the need to navigate to the details page.

    BTXPE - v12.2 - Additional Information in Global-Local Report Headers

  • Introduction to the new “Saved Favourites” function (v12.3)

    Our current navigation system can be challenging for users to locate specific pages quickly. To address this issue, we are introducing the "Saved Favorites” feature to enhance user navigation and provide a more streamlined experience. The "Saved" button is already an integral part of our Enablon platform. With the introduction of the new Saved Favorites function, users gain the ability to mark their favorite and frequently accessed pages, ensuring convenient access within the navigation drawer.

    Here's how it works:

    • Marking Pages as Favorites: Users can mark pages as favorites by clicking on the "More" (3 dots) menu in the breadcrumbs of any page. Once selected, the page is added to the list of saved favorites.
    • Accessing Saved Favorites: When a user clicks on the "Saved" button in the sidebar, the navigation drawer will display the list of saved pages, making it easy to access frequently used content.

    It's important to note that, due to technical limitations, the BowTie Editor/Viewer cannot be added to the list of saved favorites. However, we are continually working to enhance and expand the functionality of this feature to provide the best possible user experience.

    Add an attachment to your hazard review - part 2

  • Enhancing Hazard Review processes - Add attachments to review (v12.3)

    To create a more comprehensive hazard review report and support the collaborative nature of the hazard review process, we are introducing the ability to add attachments. This feature empowers users to enhance their hazard reviews by including relevant documents and files.

    Here's how it works:

    • Creating a Review from the Hazard Register: Users can initiate a review from the Hazard Register. During this process, users have the option to add attachments that are pertinent to the hazard being reviewed.
    • Adding Attachments: Users can upload attachments directly within the review form. This allows for the inclusion of documents, images, or files that contribute to a more thorough and detailed hazard review.
    • Editing Reviews: Even after the initial review is created, users can continue to modify and enhance it. This includes changing or uploading new attachments to ensure that the hazard review remains up-to-date and comprehensive.

    This feature empowers users to maintain an evolving and complete hazard review report, enabling them to meet their regulatory compliance needs and foster effective collaboration among team members.

  • Enhanced Communication for Improved User Onboarding (v12.3)

    In response to valuable feedback and a commitment to refining user onboarding experiences, we are introducing two significant enhancements. These enhancements collectively aim to streamline onboarding processes, enhance user communication, and create a more cohesive and positive user experience:

    • Message for Non-License Users includes Administrator’s email address: Users without licenses have expressed confusion due to generic messages lacking clear guidance. In this release, users who don’t have a license will see a message that includes Administrator’s email address.  The Administrator’s email can be configured in the Admin Miscellaneous settings. 
    • Welcome Email for SSO Users: Recognizing the importance of a seamless onboarding process, we've identified a gap where users created automatically through Single Sign-On (SSO) were not receiving the welcome emails configured by administrators. We're addressing this by ensuring that SSO users also receive the configured welcome email, providing a consistent and informative introduction to the platform. Previously only users who were created manually used to get the welcome email.Custom message - Administrators have the ability to compose custom messages for non-license users.
  • Cancel checkout (v12.4)

    The Cancel Checkouts feature empowers users who have checked out their BowTie diagrams to cancel their checkout directly within the web editor. This functionality enables users to continue editing their diagrams in the browser without the need to switch to the desktop version, promoting a smoother and more efficient editing workflow.

    By providing users with the option to cancel their checkouts within the web editor, we aim to enhance the overall user experience and eliminate common pain points. Users no longer need to rely on the desktop application to undo accidental checkouts, reducing frustration and improving productivity.The ability to cancel the checkout is available only for users who create the checkout, users cannot cancel the checkout of other users from the BowTieXP Enterprise.

BowTie Editor

The Editor is your ultimate tool for working on your bowties without the need to access the desktop version. we have been dedicated to enhancing its features and optimizing your user experience. Here are the latest updates since version 12.0.

Please be aware that you will need a new activation code after upgrading to be able to use BowTie Editor, reach out to [email protected]

  • Add a new bowtie diagram in the Bowtie Editor (v12.1)

    The Bowtie Editor in BowTieXP Enterprise offers you a convenient web-based bowtie builder, but it relied on BowTieXP desktop to create a new bowtie from scratch. Now, you can create a new bowtie (hazard) directly from the Bowtie Editor, and therefore removing the step in BowTieXP desktop.

    Simply click the “New Hazard" button and specify the Hazard, Top Event, and select the Bowtie group. This creates a new bowtie diagram, and you can continue completing it in the Bowtie Editor.

    The alternative way to start a new bowtie - from the Hazards Register (in Reports) - will remain unchanged.

  • Improved usability of shape editing in the Bowtie Editor (v12.1)

    By double-click on a bowtie shape’s (e.g., barrier) name you can change it directly, making this interaction much easier and intuitive than the previous method that required opening the editing pop-up.  A second usability improvement is that you can now get the editing pop-up appear by double-clicking on the shape (e.g., threat) itself.

  • New Styling (Wolters Kluwer Design System) for the BowTie Editor (v12.3)

    Since v12.3, we have implemented a new styling update. This initiative is driven by the goal of aligning our UI with the Wolters Kluwer design system and modernizing the look and feel of BowTieXP Enterprise.

     The following components within the BowTie editor have undergone styling improvements:

    1. Top Action Bar: The top action bar has been refined for a more polished and cohesive appearance.

    The top action bar has been refined for a more polished and cohesive appearance. 2.  Editing Popups: Stylistic enhancements have been applied to editing popups, contributing to a modernized aesthetic.

    Stylistic enhancements have been applied to editing popups, contributing to a modernized aesthetic.  3. Icons: Iconography throughout the BowTie editor has been updated to align with the visual elements of the Wolters Kluwer design system.

    Iconography throughout the BowTie editor has been updated to align with the visual elements of the Wolters Kluwer design system.It's important to note that these changes are purely cosmetic and do not impact the functionality of the BowTie Editor.

  • Manage Lookup Tablets tree in BowTieXP Enterprise Editor (v12.4)

    In our ongoing pursuit of delivering more functionality to the web-based BowTie editor, we are excited to introduce the Manage Lookup Tables feature. This enhancement focuses on providing users with comprehensive control over reference data within the BowTieXP editor, enabling efficient management of lookup tables through intuitive actions.

    This new feature has a user-friendly interface allowing you to interact with reference data trees. Key functionalities include the ability to add, delete, edit, and assign colors to items within lookup tables, empowering users to tailor reference data to their specific needs seamlessly.
    Access to the enhanced functionalities, including cut, copy, and paste operations, is contingent upon user permissions. Specifically, only users with appropriate permissions can utilize these advanced features. All other users can view the lookup table in read-only mode, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

    BTXPE - v12.4 - Lookup tablet - 1

    Activation Process: It's important to note that the Advanced Lookup Table Management feature is not enabled by default. To activate this feature, users are encouraged to reach out to our support team or designated contact person.

New APIs

We know you need a seamless integration between BowTieXP Enterprise and your other software. That's why we're continuously developing APIs to streamline your workflow. Below, you'll find the new APIs that have been made available to you since version 12.0.

  • BowTieXP Enterprise GET Observation API (v12.2)

    The Observations API provides a convenient GET method to retrieve observation details, enabling you to share crucial information with external systems. This feature caters to a range of use cases, from basic observation information to advanced observation data including attachments and follow-ups. By incorporating this API into your applications, we aim to enhance your operational efficiency and solidify our presence in your application ecosystem. With the Observations API, you can:

    • Foster seamless integration between our platform and external systems.
    • Elevate the quality and efficiency of your incident management processes.
    • Enable data-driven decision-making through enhanced observation data sharing.

    The Observations API is divided into two distinct types of endpoints to cater to varying requirements:

    • GET observations :This endpoint facilitates the retrieval of comprehensive observation details, including:
      • Observation Type
      • Organizational Unit
      • Creator Information
      • Creation Date
      • Observation Name
      • Description
      • Observation

    ID Additionally, you can employ filters based on Observation's Status name, Question ID, and Answer to refine their data extraction.

    • GET observations {id}:Through this endpoint, you can retrieve in-depth observation insights, encompassing:
      • Answers
      • Attachments
      • Follow-up Data

    Implementation Details: The Observations API's documentation is readily accessible within the application through Swagger.

    BTXPE Release note - BowTieXP Enterprise GET Observation API

  • POST Audits API (v12.4)

    In our ongoing commitment to fortify the capabilities of BowTie Enterprise, we are delighted to introduce the latest enhancement - the POST Action API. This new feature aligns with our strategy to empower users in creating and managing BowTie actions through seamless API integration, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined workflow for hazard, threat, consequence, barrier, and escalation factor entities.

    Implementation Details
    Users can seamlessly integrate the POST Action API into their applications, extending the capabilities of BowTie Enterprise. The Swagger documentation provides detailed insights into the API's implementation, ensuring a smooth integration process.

    With the introduction of the POST Action API, users can:

    • Dynamically create and manage BowTie actions through a standardized API interface.
    • Enhance the integration of BowTie Enterprise with external systems

    BTXPE - v12.4 - Post API

  • PATCH Action API (v12.4)

    Continuing our commitment to enhancing the BowTie Enterprise experience, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the PATCH Actions API. This new feature augments our API suite, empowering users to update BowTie actions seamlessly, in alignment with our strategy to provide comprehensive API support for BowTie management.

    API Overview
    The PATCH Actions API extends the functionality of BowTie Enterprise by introducing a PATCH method specifically designed for updating BowTie actions associated with various entity types, including hazards, threats, consequences, barriers, and escalation factors. This enhancement enables users to dynamically modify existing BowTie actions, ensuring data accuracy and adaptability in their operational environments.

    Implementation Details
    Users can integrate the PATCH Action API into their applications, extending the capabilities of BowTie Enterprise. The Swagger documentation provides detailed insights into the API's implementation, ensuring a smooth integration process.
    BTXPE - v12.4 - Patch API

Enablon Platform integration

We are continuously working on enhancing the integration of BowTieXP Enterprise with Enablon platform, to provide you with a smoother experience. Below, you'll find the latest updates we've implemented since version 12.0.

  • Enablon platform integration via the App switcher (v12.0)

    As the BowTieXP Suite is a part of the Enablon platform, you can now use the App switcher to switch between BowTieXP Enterprise and other Enablon products. This makes for a more unified user experience and easier navigation.

    BTXPE - v12.0 - App switcher

  • IMS & IncidentXP integration (v12.2)

    Seamless Integration between Enablon IMS and IncidentXP for enhanced Incident Management and Root Cause Analysis

    We are excited to announce a significant development in response to the numerous requests and growing demand from our valued customers and prospects. We are working diligently on an integration between Enablon IMS (Incident Management System) and INXP (IncidentXP). This integration is set to take both solutions to new heights, offering an unprecedented level of efficiency, data integrity, and user experience. With the convergence of Enablon IMS and IncidentXP, we are responding directly to industry needs and user feedback: learning from incidents. Often, companies fail to learn from incidents because they don’t identify the root causes and therefore, are not addressing them. By combining Enablon IMS, expert solution for reporting incidents, and IncidentXP, expert solution for root cause analysis, we aim at providing a very comprehensive solution for fighting incidents root causes.

    Key Features of the MVP Integration

    Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) integration is a seamless workflow that spans from incident registration in Enablon IMS to in-depth analysis within IncidentXP, and ultimately, back to the incident registry, with all pertinent data intact. The following features highlight the core components of this integration:

    • IMS Cause Selection with INXP Method: Within Enablon IMS, you'll have the capability to select an "INXP" method for incident analysis, opening the door to powerful root cause analysis within IncidentXP.

    • Synchronization and Editing: Seamlessly synchronize your chosen IMS Cause with IncidentXP using dedicated buttons, ensuring that crucial incident data is carried over seamlessly. Furthermore, you'll have the ability to edit your IncidentXP analysis directly from the IMS Cause interface.

    • Data Elements Bridging IMS and INXP

      • Event Name

      • Event Description

      • Event ID

      • Creation Date

    • Data Elements Bridging INXP and IMS

      • Primary Cause

      • Secondary Cause

      • Root Cause

      • Diagram Name, Method, Link, and Status

    • Enhanced Visualization Capabilities: 

      • Conveniently access a link to view the incident diagram within IncidentXP's web interface. This feature enriches your understanding of incident analysis and root cause visualization.

How to upgrade to version 12.4

Due to the nature of this update, our team is ready to help and support you in this upgrade. If you are a BowTieXP Enterprise users, you've been added to our mailing list. You will receive in the coming days of this release the necessary information to facilitate your upgrade. In the meantime, you can contact us using the below email adresses and read our FAQ for this upgrade.

  • In case your BowTieXP Enterprise is hosted on your premises, please reach out to [email protected] if you haven't received the above information.
  • In case your BowTieXP Enterprise is hosted in the Enablon Cloud, reach out to Lukasz Luniewski, at [email protected], to get more information and plan the upgrade accordingly.
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