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ComplianceESGDecember 13, 2023

Hazardous Substances: New Dutch Regulations

Are you handling hazardous substances? Then this news is for you. 
Any company operating from a physical location in the Netherlands and involved in handling hazardous substances is now mandated to incorporate the bowtie methodology in its risk management approach. 

What are those new regulations?

Working with hazardous substances will now involve a risk-based approach. Previously, companies had the flexibility to apply their own methods. Now, the Dutch government requires the implementation of the bowtie methodology.

Luckily, the standards changes are easily accessible on the official publication website, you can find the PGS website here: Publicatiereeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen.
Of course, assessing your own risks will still be necessary.

Who is concerned?

Any company handling hazardous substances, with a physical location in the Netherlands. This doesn’t impact transportation.

What if you don’t have a physical location in the Netherlands, does it matter to you?
Yes. The application and advantages apply to companies worldwide.

Why was the Bowtie Method selected?
The bowtie methodology is the perfect way to get a clear structure of the risk you are facing and to directly link those risks back to the standards requirement. The goal is to help you manage the risk more efficiently and effectively. 


Starting 2024, every new updated standard will be based on the bowtie methodology. It will be incremental per type of substances and requirements. Some details scenarios’ Standards following the methodology have already been updated, such as:

  • B12: Ammonia – Storage and loading
  • B15: Storage of packaged hazardous substances
  • B29: Flammable liquids – Storage 
  • B31: Other hazardous liquids – Storage in underground and above-ground tank installations
  • B 37-1: Lithium-containing energy carriers: energy storage systems (ESS). With a bowtie visualization here

Where do we come in?

Wolters Kluwer Enablon provides the perfect suite of bowtie software for you:

  • BowTieXP Enterprise: Cloud-based software that helps you identify and visualize your risk to drive smart decision making . Perfect for a Global/Local approach, it centralizes all risk information within a single database and offers insights during each steps of your risk analysis to proactive think about risks and prevent incidents and negative outcomes.
  • BowTieXP Complete: Desktop software that give you a quick, clear and dynamic overview of your risks and barriers. It’s developed for customers who work with bowties almost every day and want to fully customize their files.

The main advantage of using the software is to visualize the scenarios in an easy, digestible, and in-depth manner. The software allows you to have direct integration with the requirement. But that’s not all, we provide integration and an extensive APIs library to accompany you across your whole risk management journey.

Would you like to know more? Contact our team to get more in-depth information on how to visualize your risk and optimize your bowtie approach. Or don't wait any further and request a personalized demo with our amazing team. 

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