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ComplianceESGSeptember 30, 2022

BowTieXP Enterprise version 11 service pack 2 is available now!

BowTieXP Enterprise version 11 service pack 2 is out now. Improve your productivity using the new multi-select and action bar functionality. Deployments or upgrades can take place from 6PM CEST.

New features

Quickly reopening a large number of fill-outs? No problem! Reassigning 10 actions at once? Go ahead! This and a lot more is possible with the new functionality in BowTieXP Enterprise:

  • Multi-select and action bar: easily manage data with less clicks. Simply create a subset of items and apply one of the available actions
    • Export a selection of items
    • Bulk delete fill-outs, observations, actions, recommendations, reviews, users or user groups
    • Take ownership or reassign multiple observations at once
    • Complete or reopen multiple fill-outs in bulk
    • Bulk reassigning action supervisors
    • Other smaller multi-select actions
  • Current and future Probability of Failure on Demand: You can now automatically update the current and future PFD of barriers through an API

Learn all about these new features and how you can leverage them.

How to upgrade to version 11.2

Upgrading your existing BowTieXP Enterprise software to version 11.2 will require you to insert a new activation code if you are upgrading from version 11.0 or lower. If you are planning your upgrade, please reach out to [email protected] to get a version 11.2 code! If you are upgrading from version 11.1 you are good to go.

In case your BowTieXP Enterprise software is hosted in the Enablon Cloud, reach out to your main contact to get more information and plan the upgrade accordingly.

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