Supporting value-based healthcare

In recent years, the healthcare industry has edged toward a value-based care (VBC) model that reimburses for healthcare outcomes instead of healthcare services. As part of that model, providers are incentivized to make changes that improve care value—from using evidence-based medicine and empowering patients to upgrading health IT and activating on analytics.

These incentives have pushed many health leaders to reconsider their fee-for-service setups. But transitioning from volume to value requires workflow changes to promote healthcare quality, comply with CMS standards, and optimize revenue. Between financial strains and labor woes, few organizations have the time, money, or labor to follow through on these big changes.

This is where integrated, intelligent solutions can help. As providers and plans work to put value at the heart of everyday practice, tools and technologies make it easier than ever to support value-based healthcare and deliver the best care everywhere. From clinical decision support to patient empowerment to uncovering health data insights, our modern solutions help lighten the lift so that teams can tap into VBC’s promises without its administrative burdens.

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Engage and empower patients

Reach patients wherever they are with alerts and materials that empower people to take charge of their health—and get more value from their care.

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Make evidence-based decisions

Equip clinicians with evidence-based decision tools that bring the latest research, guidelines, and best practices into the point of care.

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Prioritize safety and outcomes

Drive quality and patient safety with AI-powered solutions that integrate with clinician workflows and operationalize value across the continuum of care.

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Activate on health data

Get a clearer understanding of a patient's whole health picture with data analytics that promote care value and report ROI of key initiatives.

Expert solutions for the health continuum

Explore integrated solutions for health systems and health plans looking to improve value-based care models, streamline workflows, improve the reimbursement process, and elevate patient outcomes.

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