2019 CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Awards
Tax & AccountingMarch 01, 2021

CCH Axcess™ iQ Honored as Finalist in 2019 CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Awards


Game-changing technology for a rapidly changing industry

Wolters Kluwer announced that its CCH Axcess™ iQ solution was honored as a finalist in the 2019 CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Awards. For the past 15 years, these prestigious awards have recognized outside-the-box thinking in product development, breakthrough technologies, state-of-the-art design and implementation, and cutting edge concepts that help accounting professionals and their clients be more productive and profitable.

CCH Axcess™ iQ: Predictive intelligence meets practicality

Today, data is growing exponentially and emerging technologies transform how professionals work. Firms can leverage insights to improve client satisfaction and increase business opportunities. CCH Axcess™ iQ is a ground-breaking innovative solution that leverages predictive intelligence to empower firms to turn complex regulatory and legislative change into opportunity.

Addressing client needs to spur future growth

“Professionals and their firms need the right technology partner. One that continues to invest in development and innovation to infuse technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning or predictive intelligence into the daily workflows in ways that are most meaningful to the accounting professionals and their clients,” said Jim McGinnis, Executive Vice President and General Manager of US Professional Market at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America. “Expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer like CCH Axcess™ iQ combine technology innovation with deep domain expertise to help firms move up the value chain and proactively address the needs of their clients to enable future growth.”

A tool for uncovering new revenue streams

CCH Axcess™ iQ empowers users with predictive intelligence to help analyze their CCH Axcess™ Tax data, matching potentially impacted clients with tax legislation changes. In one easy step, professionals can review their dashboard of intelligent insights and leverage automatically generated communications to engage clients with strategic counsel and recommended actions. This helps firms increase their value as a trusted partner to clients and uncover additional revenue streams.

Meet and exceed client demands

“I don’t think I’ve been as excited about a tax product before as I am about CCH Axcess™ iQ. It’s not always easy to answer questions on the fly. [CCH Axcess™] iQ makes it simple. Instead of having to hang up and tell the client I’ll get back to them, now I can just open their account in [CCH Axcess™] iQ and tell them exactly how something affects their tax return,” said Paul Russo, CPA, CFE Director of Tax Services The 1911 Trust Company, LLC Beverly, MA.

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