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CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform
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CCH Axcess Open Integration

Build a more modern firm experience for your clients and staff. Powered by the CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform, CCH Axcess APIs enable accounting firms and third-party software vendors to create integrations and automation that connect with CCH Axcess data. Learn how your firm can benefit from:

  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Streamlined data importing
  • Seamless data transfer
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Reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks

Save time by connecting disparate systems and automating data input and output.


Connect data from disparate systems

Improve accuracy by moving data between systems automatically, reducing human error and data entry mistakes.


Leverage best of breed solutions

The CCH Axcess open platform strategy gives firms more opportunities to leverage the valuable data within their system.


Extend and integrate common data

Create your own integration or leverage integrations created by one of our approved integration vendors. 

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Tax and accounting integration kits and use cases

The Open Integration Kit (OIK) allows customers and vendors to interface with data in CCH Axcess software to create integrations and automation.

  • Common API Kit 
  • Tax API Kit
  • Advanced Tax API Kit
  • Firm Management API Kit
  • Workflow API Kit (XCMAPI)

Common API Kit

  • Leverage the data from organization units and lists to enrich integrations by keeping applications up to date with any changes to the firm lists or configuration
  • Sync client data with external software platforms to maintain one source of truth for client demographic information. The APIs allow for the creation and update of client information as well as extracting the information to push to outside systems.
  • Import new staff when leveraging SSO to avoid manually add new staff
  • Manage Signer information for Tax staff

Tax API Kit

  • Create returns for new or existing clients
  • Import tax data from various sources (Excel files, databases, OCR extraction, etc) to automate the preparation of the return
  • Extract amounts from the tax return to automate initial review of return amounts against workpapers
  • Extract amounts from the tax return to provide analytics and reporting for firm performance
  • Extract amounts from the tax return to provide tax summary and analytics to customers
  • Extract amounts from the tax return to import amounts to related returns
  • Pull a list of available returns given a set of criteria
  • Download ELF Status data to create internal dashboards for tracking return statuses
  • Download ELF Status history automatically when returns are accepted
  • Unlock returns that are in-use to ensure returns are free for other processes

Advanced Tax API Kit

  • Automate the upload and/or release of electronically filed returns
  • Automate extension electronic filing process
  • Automate print and delivery of tax returns
  • Break returns into multiple parts using print sets
  • Print K-1s to separate files and save directly to individual partner folders in Document
  • Download return notes to store with workpapers after returns are completed
  • Roll-forward a list of returns


Firm Management API Kit

CCH Axcess Document

  • Display lists of documents in other applications to leverage those documents directly without using the CCH Axcess smart client
  • Automate storage of files to Document that are located on local or network drives
  • Directly upload files for storage in Document, with option to publish to Portal during the process
  • Create automatic approval process for documents uploaded via Portal
  • Manage Document tasks from external applications

CCH Axcess Practice

  • Import time/expense entry data from outside applications
  • Lookup open invoice amounts for clients
  • Extract current client details like AR balance, last invoice, and last payment for presentation in client dashboard

CCH Axcess Workstream

  • Update project statuses from outside applications
  • Extract project status and details for use in data analytics and reporting


Worklow API Kit (Formerly XCMAPI)

  • Manage clients specific to CCH Axcess Workflow (Not associated with the client APIs in the Common API Kit)
  • Create and update tasks assigned to a project from outside applications
  • Signoff on tasks
  • Create and update checklists for existing tasks
  • Create and update issue points for existing tasks
  • Link documents to existing tasks
  • Add deliverables to existing tasks
  • Create searches to return a list of tasks based on various criteria
  • Update budget and actual time for existing tasks
  • Extract task details, including status, deliverables, checklists, and issue points, to create reports and analytics


Getting started with open integration API's 
Choose the approach the works best for your firm.
Explore the possibilities! Get started with CCH Axcess APIs

Find the latest resources in the Developer Portal

Contact us to learn about automating time-consuming tasks with tax and accounting APIs

Already have a license for CCH Axcess Open Integration? Visit the API support home to access the knowledge base or open a support case.

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