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How CCH Axcess Validate Leverages Blockchain

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The CCH Axcess Validate solution will revolutionize the way accounting firms manage bank confirmations for their clients. 

In this white paper, we'll discuss the basics of bank confirmations, limits to the traditional approach of acquiring them, and what value the CCH Axcess Validate solution brings to an auditor's workflow by leveraging blockchain technology to quickly deliver safe and secure bank confirmations. 

Bank Confirmations

When designing an audit program, auditors are required to assess the audit risk and try to reduce it by determining the audit procedures to apply. As such, confirmations might be undertaken to obtain evidence from third parties about financial statement assertions made by management, and might address one or more of the following financial statement assertations: 

  • Existence or occurrence
  • Completeness
  • Rights and obligations
  • Valuation or allocation
  • Presentation and disclosure

In this white paper, discover how to CCH Axcess Validate leverages blockchain technology to fast-track bank confirmations. 

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