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The one-stop Biomedical Research Full Text Bundle that brings together all the power of the Ovid Platform, Ovid MEDLINE and Journals@Ovid in a single subscription!

Ovid MEDLINE Advantage is the ideal starting point for customers new to Ovid, allowing them to step into the Ovid world at very affordable institutional pricing. In the same way it will enable existing Ovid Journal and Book customers to add the power of the No. 1 research platform in the industry. The bundle includes:

Journals@Ovid health sciences database, with:
  • 47 active, full-text, peer-reviewed, non-open access journals without embargo
  • High-quality, full-text journals, 42 with impact factors
  • 115 current full Open access Full Text journals (free)
  • 1,314 active journals, from 61 different publishers on abstract level (free)
  • 335K Full Text articles in HTML/PDF, 4.8M abstracts, and a total of 10.5M references in Journals@Ovid free)

Ovid MEDLINE database:
  • 5,281 Journals, 22M+ abstracts, 33M records
  • Links to all subscribed and Open Access Full text in Journals@Ovid (free)
  • Links to over 8M Free and Open Access resources (free)

Ovid Search Tools help novice and expert users to accurately review the available literature:
  • Ovid Term Finder and many other MeSH based search aids
  • Natural language search and relevance ranking in Basic Search help both novice users and specialists to quickly find relevant literature
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  • Multidisciplinary Subjects

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