The days of creating 100+ page guides are over.

Auditors don’t need to leave their audit workflow to access guidanceon-demand and can access it as many times as they need, whenever theywant.

TeamGuide Pro integrates natively into your TeamMate instance to simplify employee training and boost productivity, eliminate misuse, enforce policies, and maximize the return on your software investment. With TeamGuide Pro, you can have confidence in onboarding and manage change at every stage of your team’s development.

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Boost employee efficiency and output with training as a service.

Boost employee efficiency and output with training as a service.

  • Shorten time to productivity: Training takes time, especially when your teams have diverse needs and management requirements. Flatten the learning curve with in-app walkthroughs customized to specific user types.
  • Improve employee morale: Software rollouts and process change can distract from the objectives they’re meant to enhance. Preempt frustration by proactively offering in-app support when and where it’s needed most.
  • Minimize the risk of new investments: Tool launches and upgrades all come with the possibility of key workflows breaking down. Contain the impact of unexpected change with context-relevant education and in-app certification.
  • On-demand training: Auditors might need to view training guides multiple times as they learn a new feature. TeamGuide Pro allows unlimited access to all training guides so training can be repeated whenever your auditors need it.

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