At Ovid®, we offer more than 100 core and niche databases — from Ovid MEDLINE® to PsycINFO® and Embase® to AMED, HaPI, and Maternity and Infant Care — to support the breadth of learning, research, and practice needs in a wide range of disciplines, from clinical medicine and pharmacology to engineering and religious studies.

The powerful combination of Ovid’s rich database implementation with Ovid’s advanced search features, natural language and processing, sophisticated linking technology, and customizable display options offer a unique, integrated database solution ideal for all users at an institution.

Why Databases@Ovid?

  • Proprietary precision mapping technology easily ‘maps’ a search term to the controlled vocabulary of each database
  • Multi-file search across databases, journals, and books simultaneously
  • Automatic elimination of duplicate results
  • Customizable links to all available full-text holdings
  • Seamless linking to relevant free full-text and internet resources
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