Subscriptions for individuals and groups up to 191

Enterprise subscriptions


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Medical professionals

Personal subscriptions to UpToDate evidence-based clinical content.

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Practices/clinics/groups of 2–19

Special pricing and convenient purchasing for individuals, colleagues, group practices, and clinics of up to 19 professionals ordering together as a group.

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Residents, fellows, and students

Personal subscriptions to UpToDate evidence-based clinical content with benefits for those still in training.

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Patients, caregivers, and other professionals

Access to UpToDate physician-level clinical content.

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Hospitals and health systems

Access for all clinicians in acute care organizations helps to improve outcomes and reduce variations in care. EHR integration available with many systems.

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Clinics and doctors' offices of 20+ clinicians

Clinic-wide subscriptions support quality and efficiency goals of ambulatory care organizations including physician groups, federally qualified health centers and urgent care. EHR integration available with many systems.

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Academic institutions

Students and faculty at medical, nursing, physician assistant and pharmacy schools benefit from the latest evidence-based medicine and exposure to the clinical decision support likely to be encountered in practice.

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Life sciences | payers and pharmacy benefits managers | other healthcare businesses

Flexible subscriptions, including mobile access, are designed to support clinical, research, and business activities, including market intelligence and claims adjudication, while also enabling clinical staff to earn continuing medical education credit.

UpToDate resources and support

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  1. Groups of up to 19 professionals can order through our eCommerce site, Please select the “Purchase for Others” option to place your group order.
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